The Monsters Of Florida

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Everywhere one goes in the world; there are strange stories that can not quite be explained easily. Whether it’s how reality TV became the most popular format on television or how something as immaterial as light can be transformed into crystalline matter, life is full of strange stories. The state of Florida has many of these stories, and while there are some colorful stories of bizarre, freakish, unfathomable creatures, there are also plenty of stories about the state’s local legendary monsters as well.

Perhaps the best known of these creatures is the Florida Skunk Ape. Described as being vaguely humanoid, covered in long dark hair and reeking of a foul scent, the Skunk Ape has been sighted for decades. With the advent of smart phones and digital photography, new pictures of mysterious creatures that could be the Skunk Ape have emerged from Florida. Though many scientists who have never visited the state consider the Skunk Ape a tall tale, anyone who lives in the swamps of Florida will tell you that the swamps are deep, dark places where humans don’t go at night if they want to live. And given the gargantuan creatures that have been proven to live in these swamps, plenty of locals wouldn’t be surprised if another one emerged from the dark marshes.

Another creature of some note that emerged from the swamps is the St. Johns River Sauropod. For a period between 1955 and 1975, the St. Johns River was rife with stories of a huge, hump-backed beast, described as having a long neck, a long tail and a vaguely canine head. Some people have described it as a sauropod dinosaur, perhaps akin to the Mekele-member of the Likouala region of the Congo. However, the sightings have more or less stopped, but the mystery of what was sighted keeps many wondering.

The St. Augustine Globster is an icon of the mysterious world as it can be verified by photographs taken under ideal conditions. In 1896, the beaches of St. Augustine played host to a massive blob of some organic material measuring ten by eighteen feet that smelled too terrible for words. No one knows where it came from or even what it was, but after it had washed up on Florida’s shores, several photographs were taken. No one knows exactly what it was, but speculation about the decaying remains of a sperm whale all the way up to an unknown species of giant octopus runs rife over a century later.