How To Pack Smart For Your Texas Vacation

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There is an old saying that if you do not like the weather in Texas, all you have to do is wait 5 minutes for it to change. Although there may be exaggeration to this statement, there is some truth to it. The weather in Texas changes not only from season to season, but also region to region. These weather variations can make it difficult for visitors to the state to know how to pack clothing for their stay.

The following tips will help to ensure you are dressed appropriately no matter what the weather is.

Consider The Region

The first thing that you will need to do is consider the region you will be staying in. For example, if you are visiting the northern region of the state, you can expect the weather to be milder than any other part of the state. However, the winters in this area are more severe than other parts of the state.

The Eastern section of the state is considered desert, so you want to make sure the clothes you pack are appropriate for hot weather. Depending on the season, Central Texas can be either hot or mild. The Western area of the state enjoys a coastal climate that includes frequent coastal breezes and rain.

If you are planning to camp or visit wooded areas in the state, you will need to pack for the outdoor elements. Be sure to pack boots and clothes that are made from breathable materials.

Consider The Season

The next thing you will need to do is consider the season you will be traveling. The state experiences the seasons differently. On average, the winters are mild and the summers are really hot. Although these are constants during the seasons, you will need to be mindful if you plan to visit in between seasons.

The spring and autumn seasons are surprisingly inconsistent, and it is a good idea to pack a long pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt if you are visiting in the spring. Even though you will need warmer clothes in the fall, do not be caught off guard by the warmer days that may pop up during your autumn visit.

Texas is on the warm side of the spectrum when it comes to weather. Cotton, rayon and other breathable fabrics are the best ones to wear while you are visiting. Women can almost wear summer dresses year-round, and men can wear a lot of shorts and light, breathable pants.